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Our radios are by far among the finest in their class today.  The product lines range to fit the clients specific needs.  With an IP-68 rating our radio brands are dust tight and can withstand immersion in water.  Needless to say our lines are extremely rugged and ultra durable.  We have integrated and kitted our various manufacturers equipment to conform to the needs of the Intelligent Transportation Systems industry and Utility Companies.  Industrial Grade and High Temperature is the standard in our manufacturers components.  We change out any of the hardware that is not stainless or made from the best quality products.  We have many variations of radios.  Among some of the options are: 

-Different Frequency Ranges

-Standard & High Performance

-Integrated & Connectorized

-Individual Parts & Bundles


We are fanatics about our accessories.  Many companies cut corners here.  Decades of experience tell us otherwise.  We have the very top of the line in surge arrestors, lightning protection, power injectors, cabling, and connectors.  Despite your radio and power requirements, we have a product for you.  Rest assured that we have exhausted all possible manufacturers for the best combination of material.  Last but not least, anything that would not live up to our high standards, we have custom made.

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